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India Elections 2009 – Congress has repudiated Ambedkar on Constitutionality

Earlier in the week remarks on B.R. Ambedkar by BJP  leader and the NDA’s Prime Ministerial L.K. Advani had raised a storm with these remarks from Congress spokesperson.

The reality however is that the leading lights of the Congress Party have over the decades undermined many aspects of the Constitution that Ambedkar stood for.

One of the most illiberal actions of the Congress Party has been to sully the Preamble of the Constitution with a phony commitment to Social Justice that requires every political party in India to subscribe to its version of socialism.

It is a little known or appreciated fact that Ambedkar was not just an icon of Dalit empowerment but he was also a voice of sagacity on preserving the sanctity Constitution.

Ambedkar’s sagacity on this issue is most evident in these remarks where he rejected the notion that the Constitution should dictate the form of economic systems that an India of the future should be prisoner to.

The Constituent Assembly while debating Ambedkar’s Constitution Bill, also took up the question of the Preamble for the Constitution. Ambedkar makes a strong argument against the current situation of having Socialism ingrained in the Preamble and requiring every political party to express faith in it.

What should be the policy of the State, how the Society should be organised in its social and economic side are matters which must be decided by the people themselves according to time and circumstances.

It cannot be laid down in the Constitution itself, because that is destroying democracy altogether. If you state in the Constitution that the social organisation of the State shall take a particular form, you are, in my judgment, taking away the liberty of the people to decide what should be the social organisation in which they wish to live.

It is perfectly possible today, for the majority people to hold that the socialist organisation of society is better than the capitalist organisation of society.

But it would be perfectly possible for thinking people to devise some other form of social organisation which might be better than the socialist organisation of today or of tomorrow.

I do not see therefore why the Constitution should tie down the people to live in a particular form and not leave it to the people themselves to decide it for themselves.

In a clear repudiation of Ambedkar’s Legacy the Congress Party under Indira Gandhi did exactly the opposite.

This should serve as a reminder to every Indian including those who look up to Ambedkar as a symbol of empowerment that no part of the Constitution has sanctity in the eyes of the Congress Party.

A reality that we were rudely reminded of us during the disgraceful conduct of the Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh lead Congress Party on the question of Offices of Profit.

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36 Responses

  1. Dhananjay says:

    Since this topic is specific to Ambedkar’s contributions, rather Authorship of India’s Constitution, there is nothing but praise that comes to mind. He has also done India a tremendous favor by not converting to Islam.

    However, there are other aspects of his behavior (especially pre-independence) that are not something to be proud of. Unfortunately, in the current state of affairs in India, these issues cannot be discussed in public politically without disturbing a hornest’s nest.

    Here is a link to an excerpt from Arun Shouri’s book – “Worshipping False Gods”.

    I do not mean to divert the discussion here but some of us may want to have a fuller picture of Babasaheb Ambedkar’s contributions to India.

  2. yossarin says:

    Dhananjay – his views pre-independence are irrelevant and must be ignored for many national icons held debateable views pre-independence on all sides of the political spectrum. To single out Ambedkar is not helpful or meaningful. The debate is on the sanctity of the constitution so let us leave Shourie’s book out of this one.

  3. Sudhir says:

    The congress party which takes credit for all the good in India duly forgets the people responsible for those. Dr B. R. Ambedkar was not awarded Bharat Ratna till 1990 when the V. P. Singh govenrment (not even Congress government) awarded it to him.

    We cannot blame the congress for their action. For them India starts and ends with Gandhi family (that too fake). How can you explain Sardar Vallabhai Patel and Rajiv Gandhi getting Bharat Ratna in the same year (1991). Iron man of India, who successfully managed the monumental task integrating the entire India into one nation recieved the bharat Ratna 36 years after Nehru (1955) and 20 years (1971) after Indira Gandhi got the same.

    Get ready for a Bharat Ratna for Sonia Gandhi for sacrificing the PM seat, Rahul for visiting Dalit house and Priyanka for being born in Gandhi Family.

  4. arjun says:

    Report in India Today about poor candidate selection by BJP in UP.

    LS polls: BJP throws in the towel in UP

  5. yossarin says:

    Arjun – I think they are overstating the issue. The reality is BJP/RLD are competitive in only 25 to 30 seats. The rest are a washout for BJP anyway. The real question that needs to be asked is what kind of candidates have been chosen in these competitive seats.

  6. Kumar says:

    Any one who looks up to people like Ambedkar, Subhas Bose, Sardar Patel, and is aware of their contributions, would also know the lengths to which Congress (then and now) went to supress them as individuals.

    Most of us do not trust the Congress of today.Bose and Ambedkar did not trust the Congress of their times.Patel was robbed of the Prime Ministership by Gandhi-Nehru duo.And yet, these three great individuals contributed in thought, and deed to the Nation.

    Sonia and Rahul are just continuing the family tradition of violating the Constitution with impunity.But sadly, the aam admi is not able to make the connection between this constitutional corruption, and the resultant impact on bijli-sadak-pani issues.

    It may be too late (for 2009 LS elections) for the BJP to launch a ‘lets revise the constitution’ movement.The people may not even trust the BJP to do a non-partisan job of delivering a second Constituent Assembly.

    However, a beginning could be made in the runup to these elections- BJP leaders and spokespersons could describe how particular policies, actions of UPA rule have impacted specific bjli-sadak-pani issue, and propose how the BJP would resolve the issues.People are not foolish.BJP leaders should address the public (through media) as they would speak at a Friends of BJP meetup.And they need to do it with a lot of passion.

    In AP, I can tell you that Congress is banking on money power.The opposition parties are all looking at who, among the ticket aspirants, can match or at least compete with the Congress money power in their constituencies.Right now, it is an unequal fight.The only hope is that everybody is aware of and disgusted with the corruption of YSR govt, and even villagers’ views are also impacted by national level issues on terror, economy and so on.

    So, it is these aam voters who can defeat the Congress.The opposition is just banking on that, and nothing else.People are being given money left and right.They need to take the money and vote against Congress.

    An example: In Narasarao Pet constituency, congress candidate has just bought 100 bikes and distributed them to youngsters from lower middle class families.Imagine an army of youngsters in each town, earning some money thanks to local Congress neta, new bike, and assorted help for the family.The family’s anti-congress feelings have to be very high to overcome these monetary obligations.Will thousands of such families being targeted rise to the occassion and still vote against Congress?

    Possible.They have done it earlier.They can do it again.But the BJP needs to step into the breach and help them.It does not matter how many seats the BJP gets in AP, and TN.BJP needs to focus on denying LS seat wins for Congress and its allies.

    Sorry for the ramble on a Saturday morning !

  7. arjun says:

    Yossarin. agreed. BJP needs to go from 10 to 20 seats.

  8. msr says:


    looks like BJP has good chances in Vizag and Vijayavada in A.P.

  9. Jiggs says:


    I agree with you in principle. Yes, the CON gress has sent the work of Dr. Ambedkar to the dogs.

    However, I have come to a feeling that this is expected of the CON gress and who else would show such blatant disregard to one of the best Constitution statues in the world!!!!!

    IMO, it is fruitless talking to the CON gress or even attempting the JANTA about their (CON gress) contempt to anything thats democratic.

    If you ask me, I take immense pride in the facts of today:
    1. I have spoken to hundred’s of people and they have mostly read about Dr. Ambedkar’s thoughts about the Constitution and the provision for Dalits, they know how this TIMEBOUND provision has been misused by the CON gress and her cronies.
    2. The First Prime Minister of Independent India: I have never seen so much awakening amongst us gullible Indians before, 9 out of 10 people I have spoken to, have read about the Gandhi / Nehru treachery in denying S.V. Patel the office, which was desired by 12 provinces in India then.

    I feel that this is an achievement, people ( although still a tiny minority) know about facts.

    For me this is good progress. However, i dont mean that one must give up, we must continue trying to enlighten people about the past,present and the future threats if the CON gress stays anywhere near the parliament.

    Good post…I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  10. Jiggs says:


    Is the situation so bad for the BJP in UP?????

    We can only expect a maximum of 20 seats out of 80 ???????

  11. arjun says:

    Jigss, 20 is max. I will celebrate if BJP gets 20. If they get 20 in UP and Congress gets less than 10, then BJP will be the single largest party.

  12. Venkat says:

    I was SHOCKED to read a caste-based analysis in Congress’ election website. Here’s the

  13. prashant says:

    ok,now my vote will go to BJP finally.
    Tapan sikdar has rjoined BJP and will be BJP candidate from Dum Dum constituency from where i will too vote.

    BJP must promote Tapan and he is capable of being BJP face in Bengal.


    Venkat, the janus faced Congress is the most casteist, communalist force in India. Now-a-days communists have also become the other side of the Congress having sacrified the class criteria to that of caste and religious criteria. Perpetuate casteism, divide hindus on the basis of castes and pander to the communal designs of the minorities that is the primary motto of Congress and communists now. Both these parties have become so anti-hindu and does everything to humiliate, insult hindus, denigrate their God/Goddesses, encourage who denigrate (like MF Hussain). All these in the name of secularism. You can see candidates belonging to minorities in hindu majority areas, but you can never see any candidate belong to majority being set up in minority dominated area.

    What we require is SECULARISM in the strict sense.

  15. suraj says:

    “What we require is SECULARISM in the strict sense”

    totally agree with that.. bud sadly no party not even the bjp can be trusted to take up and implement this strong thought…

    if you see the budget of karnataka this yr.. its caste wise allocation of funds in the name of social justice is appalling…they have taken out full page ads in all news papers flaunting their caste and religion based allocations…

    in the name of phoney social justical more and more powerful and dominant castes have been added to the so called “backward” list..

    so it seems the BJP is no less casteist or communalist(the way its going in karnataka).. so in these matters i don think suppporting the BJP is any good…

    only reason to support them in this election is probably for their economic agenda.. n for the work that vajpayeeji di.. and the hope that tmr a leader such as modiji wil get a chance to bring real change as he has done in gujarat..

  16. NR says:

    This news from media is bad if true. problems galore in jharkhand as well.

    looks like another self goal.

  17. vijay says:

    @ msr and everyone,

    AFAIK the first BJP mayor in the entire country was from Andhra pradesh and that too Vizag. I think this was sometime in 1983-86 is i believe.

    If as per the discussion it is given to D.V Subbarao in Vizag, that would be good as he has a very clean reputation there

  18. Nemkal says:

    Hi All,
    Please visit wherein a letter from a reader of The Hindu newspaper is published which is very interesting.

  19. drummasala says:

    Is this just temporary setback or is this permanent split? Though, I will not take TOI news with much seriousness.

  20. drummasala says:

    Now, IBN and NDTV is flashing this news about spilt between BJP and BJD in Orissa. This would be disastrous.

  21. NR says:

    It is that insipid performance in cuttack and bhubaneshwar along with other places that has resulted in this break up. This is 3 additional seats going away from BJP tally and hopefully this loss does not end up in congress pockets.

  22. Raghu says:

    Orissa has become another AP for BJP..

  23. drummasala says:

    Now NDTV is saying that BJP has withdrew support given to BJD.

  24. arun says:

    advani rally in nagercoil very impressive

  25. Rightist Raashtravadi says:

    Mayawati,Jaya, HD Kumaraswamy, Shiv Sena ,TDP, Mamta and now Naveen’s BJD all used BJP at their distress times, gained and growed with that foothold and when got to know they were stable and good to go alone snapped ties with BJP. BJP’s ally management has ivaraibly been to the detriment of its own strength in the repactive states.

    We need to introspect as to why we have allowed ourselves to be taken for a ride repeatedly

  26. Anon says:

    I expect BJD to now join the third front before/after the elections.

    Given BJP’s bad shape in Orissa, my estimate is that it is unlikely to win more than 2-3 seats. Effectively this means a 10-12 seat loss to NDA unless BJD rejoins the NDA after the elections, which seems unlikely. Moreover, I suspect that Congress will be the primary gainer in this three-way fight and I won’t be surprised if they even end up forming the next government in Orissa.

    In a closely fought election like this with the BJP already on the backfoot, effectively a 10 seat loss almost means end of story for BJP’s chances in 2009.

    So IMHO, the BJP should right away start building for 2014 or earlier(if a hotch-potch third front comes to power)- use this elections for getting maximum seats for the party than trying to get a majority for the NDA.

    Bring Modi to the forefront, obviously he can’t be made PM candidate overnight. But indicate to the voter that Modi is the man in waiting after Advani. This is the best chance to do it- in a no-hope election, so even if any allies like JD(U) were to leave, let them leave now rather than when the BJP is in within a chance.

    Concentrate on rebuilding the party in Uttar Pradesh.Rebuild in Orissa and make sure Bihar doesn’t go the Orissa way. Make the party have a formidable presence in all states. Talengana and Andhra should be the starting point. Build some sort of presence in T.N and W.B, so that the party is atleast taken seriously as an ally.

    This might take a long time, 2014 or maybe 2016, but this is the only way IMHO the BJP can come back to power for a full term in future. The party by itself needs to recreate the late 90′s magic and get 180+ seats on its own. Currently it doesn’t even look like getting 120.Sad but true.

  27. Anon says:

    Adding to prev comment

    With Shiv Sena, the BJP must tell them to stop hobnobbing with Pawar or leave the NDA. It may even be an oppurtunity in disguise,for the party to gain stength in Maharashtra on its own.

  28. DRV says:

    Regional parties are undoing the entire effort Sardar Patel put in terms of unifying India. Regional/ Casteist parties with very narrow interests are no better than the regional rulers we had during pre-independence era. Seems riyasats are back in fashion with a regional satrap almost in every other state, even regional dynasty rule is being practised.
    Rather during British-era they used to fall in line making sure the British masters were always happy, now they prefer to broker deals/ negotiate with and even blackmail national parties for their pound of flesh.

    The constitution, one of the bulkiest in the world, but one of the least implemented in spirit, needs to change. Only two or three national parties are enough and The Prime Minister or the Supreme leader needs to be directly elected by the people.Vajpayee would have been re-elected if people had a direct option to elect him.

    Its time to say no to this jod-tod ki rajniti, this culture of political blackmail, these satta ki dallali, which these regional parties encourage and practise without any sense of responsibility to the whole nation . Also there is no point taking a stand , like depending on the issue/platform one can opt for a regional party or a national party. It simply doesn’t work, as there always is a conflict of interest.

  29. arjun says:

    This is shocking but seems like BJD had made up their mind earlier. They just wanted to pospone the decision to a later point so that their govt was safe.

    In any case, BJP should introspect why their strength has gone down and BJD’s strength has gone up.

  30. R.V. says:

    Yes, only divine intervention can help BJP really avoid blushes – around 120 is what they can expect, and Congress around 160. The best BJP can now do is to support a third front government for the present, and prepare for the next elections under leadership of Narendra Modi.Never ever let Congress come anywhere near power. But an interesting speculation : in what shape will BJP be survive post-Advani ? Can Modi bind the party together ? What about coalition cobbling ?

  31. Tathagata Mukherjee says:

    Ambedkar was a member of Constituent assembly from Bengal. Cong did not give him any seat in Bombay province.

    LKA has set cat amongst pigeons. he has rightly invoked Ambedkar and exposed another bluff of Congress.

  32. [...] Radicals like Arundhati Roy are not the only ones who stand out for showing little faith in Constitutional institutions. The edifice of Nehruvian socialism and much of the Congress party’s dynastic politics rests on a similar lack of conviction. The Congress and its leadership bear the ignominy of having scripted some of the most worst acts of cons…. [...]

  33. [...] Radicals like Arundhati Roy are not the only ones who stand out for showing little faith in Constitutional institutions. The edifice of Nehruvian socialism and much of the Congress party’s dynastic politics rests on a similar lack of conviction. The Congress and its leadership bear the ignominy of having scripted some of the most worst acts of cons…. [...]

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