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India Elections 2009 – Congress humbles BJP

If there is one trend that has been consistent since the 2004 Lok Sabha elections in state election after state election, the voters of India have demonstrated tremendous sagacity in delivering verdicts enabling stable governments.

The big question in 2009 was will the Indian Voter at the pan-India level make a sagacious choice towards a stable government.

The answer is out with an emphatic yes.

The voters have rejected opportunistic pressure groups while voting positively for the national party of their choice by an large across India.

It may have come as a personal disappointment to this blogger that the choice they made was in favor of the Congress but there in lies many a lesson that needs to be paid attention to.

But before doing so it would be dishonest if this blogger did not personally compliment Mr. Rahul Gandhi for having made a difference to his party’s revival in the Uttar Pradesh and a job well done.

The nation has made a decisive turn Left of Center on socio-economic issues, the prospect of a Manmohan Singh unencumbered by an arrogant Left notwithstanding.

There are many lessons for the BJP here.

1. Nation is Center Left on socio economic issues and entitlements Nehru Gandhis credibility on entitlements is BJP’s biggest challenge next 5 yrs in states where it does not have strong regional leaders

2. BJP’s maxing out in its strongholds is second biggest challenge for unless it breaks dramatic new ground, attrition in next cycle in strongholds will further hurt

3. Strategy for BJP next 5 years has to be to go local in Andhra, Kerala, TN, WB to occupy the space of political opposition, UP seems distant given current 4th place status

4. Riots have consequences we can no longer be in denial on VHP’s conduct. There has to be accountability for the rot in Orissa.

5. If Uttar Pradesh can still gift 20 each seats to BSP, SP and Congress it points to how uninspiring the BJP’s UP Leadership is. It is time for state leadership overhaul, and the need of the hour is for an Obama like inspiring leadership with no baggage and lots of credibility to counter Rahul Gandhi who will loom large on Uttar Pradesh.

6. Unless BJP breaks ground at the pan India level the central government could be lost to it for another generation there in lies the biggest risk in not focusing on a Pan India strategy with an emphasis on going local in new states

7. Sooner the BJP adopts inner party democracy of the variety Rahul Gandhi is experimenting with to bring new support base especially in states where it needs to break ground.

8. Friends of BJP is a good start to engage the Cosmopolitan Urban voterthis should have started immideately after 2004 debacle it is many years late.

9. At the national level the BJP needs decisive central leadership that can act on all this with a sense of mission and vision. The BJP must not make the same mistake of choosing a stop gap compromise leader to postpone tough decisions.

10. Last but not the least, it would be in complete denial if it did not ask tough questions of how Acts of Adharma in the name of Hindutva have been condoned and the relevance of Hindutva as an ideology to guide on Socio-Economic issues.

At the time of going to press it appears that the RSS and the BJP have gotten into a diagnostic mode, this blogger hopes they pay attention to these feedback points.

In the days to come Offstumped shall put its partisanship on trial and seek feedback on the role Offstumped must play in the days to come.

A big thanks to everyone for joining this journey.

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  1. Sudhir says:


    Oh yes reading between the line and making inference is your prerogative.

  2. Tathagata Mukherjee says:

    * half truth, full lies.

  3. Yogesh says:

    I have readmost of the above posts, and tey capture the essence. I have added a few for consideration as next steps for the BJP.

    1. BJP is still undisputed # 2. . . the next in line after Cong and BJP is only BSP with some 23 seats. So, we are at the dawn of bipolar regime – make most of it by occupying all of the opposition space.

    2. BJP still have so many state govts with good leaders. Do a great work there and project it. . . invite media to comment, and deliberately project a development agenda.

    3. “Translating Hindutva” – Advani merely tried to translate concept of Hindutva by raking up Ram Temple issue – perfect example of what Pael did w Somnath. Now, is the time to look at new translation – could we have no infighting? Remember what Dr Hedgewar said in 1925 – when he started RSS – the root cause is not external aggression but internal weaknesses. BJP allowed media to translate Hindutva in whatever way they wanted, and hence BJP got defeated.

    4. BJP itself did not do as well, but it also did not loose too badly. We lost 50 seats where there was direct contest w congress (Uttaranchal 5, RJ 15, MH 10, UP 10 and Del 7) and the other 50 where we were inconsequential, also did not go to our “potential allies” – AP 10, TN 10, and congress (apart from already mentioned) did very well w WB 10, Kerala 10, MP 5. This adds up to 100 difference b/w NDA and UPA. Its that simple.

    5. we must negate Cong advantage w woman president – so, Go Sushma. We always have strategists and idealogues in back-rrom. Let them be there. And, help her.

    6. Congresses Shikhandi strategy worked, so everyone hid behind MMS, and since he doesn’t have a bad image, people didnt see why Advani was attacking him. They may not also have understood why taking directions from 10 Janpath is so bad. This is the problem w mass leader (Vajpayee) and idealogue (Advani) – so, pls NO Jaitley as president.

    7. BJP should give utmost attention to credibility – and emerging as credible alternative. . . my point always has been BJP made strategic mistake by not supporting congress on nuclear deal. It would have increased advani’s stature (he himself said nation first, right?) and robbed congress of a poll plank – we saw “aggressive Manmohan” only after this showing V symbols. Till then, he was doormat of 10 Janpath. . .

    8. Very sad news is despite 40% price rise, despite 26/11, despite farmers suicide, Congress won. This is very dangerous.

    9. Role of media is clear – but look at subtle difference – ALL Modi / Advani interviews (almostZ) were in there cessna jets, whereas Congress were on the ground, campaign – this gives BJP a hue of elitist party for the rich. Avoid such things. If a simple man like I notice, why don’t our leaders?

    10. There is no reason to fall prey to BJP is dead campaign. I remember crying whole night in 1984, saying demise of BJP with seats. Look how we have come along. We are undisputed # 2- and work is cut out to get to # 1.

  4. Prankois says:

    This defeat in centre and victory in Karnataka gives a good opportunity to Yeddy to get rid of Muthalik.

    If Muthalik is indeed a congress agent (as TM thinks), then get rid of him YSR style.
    If he is not a congress agent even then get rid of him (again YSR style) – He is anyway against BJP and no one in the media should shed tears for him and it also sends a message to others..

  5. Yogesh says:

    Just to add a few last comments -

    a. in a way, people voted for BJP’s slogan – nirnayak sarkar – only to the party which they thought would give it, not BJP!! so in a way BJP was successful. :-)

    b. if Rahul’s strategy worked in UP – why it din’t in Bihar? So, guys don’t say stupid things like go it alone – even congress had NC, TC and DMK to rule the roost. Just make it strategic – like Amma, for example.

    c. last time Congress got 221 seats w Narasimha Rao in 1991, they whithered it away in 1996 within 5 years. This is because they are by design communal, corrupt and complacent. Take advantage. . .

    I certainly hope we get some good reforms by Manmohan, now that he has free hand – ably supported by BJP, issue by issue – to build credibility in this 2-party system. . . and entice congress to do river linking program.

    Congratulations to Congress! They have experience in winning many of the 15 matches so far, and we’d know more. Salute to Indian voter, who has ensured no uncertainty and no election till 2014.

  6. Jiggs says:

    Guys….Till how long will we be like this?

    We here on this board are like N.A.T.O = No Action Talk Only.

    I want to contact the BJP National Executive and find out if they realize their follies which cost them these elections?

    Time has come to cleanse the BJP of the apologists, we dont need them, Hindutva was and is the only solution.

    Never forget ; WHATEVER BJP DOES THEY WILL NEVER EVER WIN SUPPORT OF THE CULTS . BJP should not alienate its core Hindu votes for gaining more support from other religions.

    People talk about Orissa, and blame the incidents in Kandhamal for this weep by Naveen, I dont believe it.

    There is something to these elections which does not sound or look good to me.

    My agenda is simple:

    1. Let us get together and prepare an analysis and a solution.
    2. Contact the higher echelons of the BJP
    3. Discuss the problem and try and understand their thoughts.
    4. JOIN THE BJP and work towards a victory.

    This calls for us to go to Delhi, we must do it.

    Please guys respond to me here,

  7. Jiggs says:


    Rahul is twat, his strategy is all BS, I dont believe Congress did anything but from asking the Mullahs to step into consolidate the Muzzie vote.

    Period…I am not buying into this horse shit of Rahul doing miracles.

  8. Tathagata Mukherjee says:

    >>we must negate Cong advantage w woman president – so, Go Sushma

    I agree. It should be team, collective leadership. Things will start looking up in due course.

    This is a rare situation that will bring unity amongst all section of hindutva forces. Its good they are speaking less , more on doing actual work.

  9. arjun says:


    Good points. However, what is worrying is the trend of Congress revival. Yes BJP is #2 but the gap is growing. I know things can change in the next election but BJP needs serious clean up.

    I have the same concern as you on Jaitley being President. He is not a mass leader. The second thing is that he was the campaign manager for 2009 election. He should share some responsibility.

    BJP needs to bring new modern dynamic faces.

  10. Tathagata Mukherjee says:

    >> if Rahul’s strategy worked in UP – why it din’t in Bihar?

    Same nervous Rahul run down existing UPA allies and extened arms to TDP, BJD, JDU. Why? Was he nervous of the result?

    I bet.

    As I stated many a times- LETS DO A DETAILED ANALYSIS OF UP. Seats Cong (and BJP) won, came second, their profile etc.

    We will then understand what happened.

  11. S Sukhani says:

    Means justify the end. If something is wrong in Kandhmal then by all means fight it, but with non-violence. No one can take the law in his own hands.
    The Hindu society has a big agenda in front of itself. Why not implement that? the caste system is a curse on the religion. All Hindus (including me) should make efforts to remove this curse in the next 10 years. That’s the kind of Hindutva, BJP should practise. Develop laws, social morms that erases this terrible divide, and, implement it in the states where it is in power.

    For readers who wish for more views on the BJP, I have my blog where I am posting daily. Do have a look.

  12. prashant says:


    though i agrre with you but i also think

    1)congress won handsomely were there was no BJP.
    SO we need to strenthen ourself in these place
    We need to go alone in these state.

    2) The real loosers were SECULARIST(Left.Laloo,mulayam,tdp,amma)
    so we no more required to be defensive on Hindutva,Narendra Modi,Varun Gandhi.

    3)Media must be avoided,as even if you hang modi/varun they will throw mud at you.bcoz they are intrested to safeguard their own intrest.

    4)People contacts is must at local level.
    just see Varrun won by more than 2 lakhs inspite of 30% bloc muslim voting against him,reason HE motivated small karyakarta.

    5)Bring MODI to centrestage as he can inspire small Karyakarta.
    if Nitish Kumar wants to go….GO NOW.

    6)Start working now….last time post 2004 Media created confusion among leadership in bjp,BJP has actually regrouped after 2007 in that they losr 3 vital year to work for organisation.

    6) Women factor/MMS factor are just mirage, it is only the Local factor.

  13. Yogesh says:

    Jiggs, mate – welcome back!!

    Yes, I think LKA was very successful with 2 decades of Hindutva campaign – to make it a buzword. What he FAILED in was to keep defining it in various contexts. . .

    1. Hindutva means NO washing of temple steps after some sections visit BUT make all those section have ample water to bathe with!

    2. Hindutva means NO tolerance to jihadism,

    3. Hindutva means education for all

    4. Hindutva means fast justice for all, and appeasement of none. . .

    Best is if we keep saying Nationalism Nationalism (incl. a big NO to forced conversion, backed up by reconverting back) and slowly back it up saying Hindutva is nationalism.

  14. Tathagata Mukherjee says:

    >>if Nitish Kumar wants to go

    JDU was an ally of BJP in Guj 2002 polls, post Godhra riots in Guj.

    JDU pressed for more seats in last Guj state election.

    Lalu has to be watched out- if congi throws him out, Congi might rope in JDU. But BJP has to call JDU’s bluff. I doubt JDU will be ready to sacrifice its Govt.

  15. mpanj says:


    One thing the BJP must be made aware of is this.

    They sometimes tend to come across as arrogant.

    This may seem like a minor point but it has great relevance.

    Remember India at heart is a country of Underdogs.

    And underdogs always identify with a ‘David’ if they know he’s going win.

    BJP tends to come across as the party of haves, speaking the language of haves and the biased media exploits it against them.

    RSS preaches humility but somehow BJP spokespersons tend to come across as know-it-alls.

    Though this trait may be celebrated in some quarters, the ‘aam admi’ is alienated as he/she has seen the same with people who have oppressed them.

    It then becomes difficult to convince your average voter to support the BJP when he has identified BJP with those occupying the ivory tower.

  16. prashant says:


    this is the mistake we are repeating.

    No need to talk on HINDUTVA,
    SC has defined HINDUTVA as way of life,but MEDIA/SECULARIST talk of Hindutva as Communal.
    only bcoz they want to beat us
    they target modi/varun becoz they want to tarnish bjp who are threat to congi and in turn threat to their misdeed intrest.

    INSTEAD of wasting time on defending on HIBDUTVA we must talk to people about Roji roti

  17. Jiggs says:


    Hindutva means Bharat. Thats that.

    I dont think I will ever explain anybody questioning me on Hindutva.

    This should be it, take it or leave it.

    You and me live in Mumbai, tell me wont it work here?

  18. prashant says:

    We also need to target Poor Muslims and convertd xians and ask them What have they got in all these year.
    Have they got better health,employment,house,education.
    Do they want to live forever in SLUMS????

    Bengal results is an eyeopenor as it said that Poor Muslim is more concerned about land/employment and less concerned to debate on Secularism/communalism/hindutva etccc.

    MUSLIM BJP leader will have to stop Parading at TV STUDIO instead have to work in ground with poor Muslim people

  19. aru says:

    Rahul as startegist: He had gone in UP and Bihar only after allies thrown them out. Even BJP went alone once BJD dumped. Like in Bihar BJP lost orissa. In Bihar congress increased voteshare using scrplous elements liek sadhu yadav. But in orissa BJP retained its vote share.

    Only the fear of neutral voters that underhand friendship of SP and BJP driven them toward 2007. The moment they saw there is a chance outside SP and BSP they went to congress.

  20. arjun says:

    1) Rahul has succeeded in UP and not succeeded in Bihar because they focused on UP. If he focuses in Bihar they can replicate the success there.

    Rahul is making an impact. Talk to a bunch of peopel who are not really into politics an ask them about what they feel about Rahul.

    We may not like it but that is the reality.

    2) Secondly, you cannot assume that Congress will screw up like they did in the 90s. They have learnt the lessons and they have the dynasty now.
    They are on an ascendant.

    3) BJP in this election has totally failed to read the middle class mind.

    4) Even die hard BJP supporters are saying that BJP talks too much. BJP needs to articulate a clear vision consistently. I think taking up the black money issue just before the polls is seen as opportunistic and insincere.
    Similarly, raking up Ram temple issue just before election is seen as that as well.

    5) The primary problem with the BJP is that since Congress was out for so long, they are assuming that people do not like Congress for the reasons that they do not like them. They have to start thinking like underdogs that they are now.

    6) A complete revamp is the need of the hour. People responsible for this situation after 5 years of laclklustre administration by UPA need to take a backseat.

  21. mpanj says:


    we should be careful of one danger. As Ashok Malik wrote in his column @ – lets stop fighting the last war.

    And I refuse to join the ‘Rahul is a political genius’ bandwagon.

    The single biggest factor was ‘Index of Opposition unity’. Add to that the blunders BJP has made in waking up too late to prepare for this election and you get what we saw on Saturday.

    If Praja rajam and MNS werent around and TC hadnt joined with Congress – this score would have been even.

    In Bihar, opposition was fragmented – did Congress win – nah.

    Where ever the opposition was united they won – where it wasnt – they lost.

    Rajasthan – BJP was a divided house. MP – congress was a divided house.

    So lets stop killing ourselves over the second coming. Its a mirage – which will soon show its true colors.

  22. mpanj says:

    So what do we prepare for.

    Congress through its policies has pushed itself into a corner.

    1. It cant go after terrorists as it would alienate the secular (not just Muslim) vote.

    2. It must continue with the corruption riden, ill advised NREGA – after all that is what paid “dividends”.

    3. Infrastructure development has never been their forte as they see it as a money making ministry. How else will the Gandhi parivar and Congress chamchas replenish their depleted swiss bank accounts.

    4. Defence purchases were expedited at the last minute – again to make money. These will not happen – again to make more money. Slower the process, more the money.

    Lets gaze in our crystal ball and look ahead – 3 years.

    Taliban would have overwhelmed the Paki army. They will be knocking on our doors.

    Depleted tax receipts and wasteful schemes such as the NREGA would have raised deficits to over 10%. Inflation will be the outcome.

    Companies will not hire or will retrench (Now that the election is over)

    Unemployment will be up. Unfortunately way up.

    And the electorate will come face to face with the multi-headed monster of economic slowdown, unemployment and terror.

    At such a moment people will be begging for a leader with the vision, personal integrity and ba… to taken on these challenges.

    Will the Congress risk its careful reconstructed vote banks to address these challenges head on?

    No way.

    This is when India will demand NaMo.

    Now lets assume this nightmare scenario stays just that.

    Then Congress will romp home to a majority on its own.

    We cant select a leader hoping we can beat a leader who can taken on Congress in the good times.

    We must prepare with the first assumption in mind.

    Modi is still the answer.

  23. Jiggs says:


    “Modi is still the answer”

    You and me are convinced of this yes, but is the party thinking on the same lines?

    For this to happen, we must prevail upon them.

    How do we do that?

    Reach out to the National executive of the party.

    Failing which we will continue expressing our angst here on Offstumped.

  24. arjun says:

    BJP should do a survey to find out if Modi is really acceptable to people outside of BJP supporters. I am a big supporter of Modi and I guess most of us on this blog are.

    But in the demography that BJP is targeting is he really making an impact. Yes, BJP karyakatas adore him.

    But BJP has to be careful in projecting him at the national level.

  25. Amit says:

    BJP should do a survey to find out if Modi is really acceptable to people outside of BJP supporters.

    More than a survey will be needed for this. They may have to hold a primary type runoff in some selected constituencies. The bellwether constituencies identified by that earlier post may be good candidates for such primaries.

  26. arjun says:

    In fact this primary idea is good and can be replicated for other things as well within the BJP.

  27. Ravindra says:


    What do you feel about MM Joshi’s press conference yesterday? I feel it was jumping the gun and unwarranted. The last thing we want now is different BJP leaders speaking in different voices.

    They have to all put their heads together – BJP has the perennial problem – when in disarray, the leaders all go their own ways and make the matter worse, instead of standing together as one and planning a strong sensible strategy for the future!

  28. arjun says:

    MM Joshi fancying his chancies is laughable. He is 75 years old and I am not sure if people would be enthused by that.

  29. Ravindra says:

    If there are some more terrorist attacks in the next 6 months, what will be the response of the BJP?

    And the Congress?

  30. Sharat says:

    Narendra Modi should replace LK Advani if BJP has to rise.

  31. Amit says:


    The BJP should not do anything beyond issue token statements if there are more terrorist attacks. The BJP’s strident rhetoric only serves to consolidate the Muslim votebank behind the INC, and besides the BJP has to work on the succession issue.

    If the party so desires, it can raise the terrorist issue again after the succession is settled and it has a clear plan. Otherwise it will just push Muslims to INC without gaining new voters.

  32. dubash says:

    Is too much heat and anger of the BJP supporters here and elsewhere being wasted on finding the leader most responsible for the defeat.

    Given the fact that there is finite amount of work that can be done, wouldn’t it be easier to come to a consensus if the primary objective now, is to go after states have been largely untended; namely Bengal, Orrisa, Ap and Tn (BOAT). No one faction loses, and there are new territories to be gained.

    Energy being expended on finding a scapegoat could be better utilized elsewhere,no?

    Forget about the Goat, get on the Boat!

    I want Venkiah Naidu’s job. I am not saying he is in anyway responsible for the defeat, I just think his many talents could be be best put to use cultivating AP…naturally this would mean an opening for a new spokesperson…

  33. Jiggs says:


    I was talking to our fellow commentator’s yesterday ; Sootradhar and Shanth.
    Sootradhar made a startling statement yesterday, he rightly pointed out that Mangalore like incidents are more likely to happen hereon.

    This gives Congress to invoke Article 356 on the state claiming law & order problems.

    Now, we dont have to be a genius to guess which states would these be?

    Yet, another thing, I have come to believe regarding the polls is as follows:

    -The management for the INC was done by foreign professional pollsters(preferably American)
    -The INC showing desperation last week when they approached a spectrum of parties(excluding BJP ,SHS,SAD) was deliberate to hood wink all in the country.
    -The feuds with NCP in Maharashtra was deliberate. This actually resulted in talks of BJP/SHS winning 34 seats in the state. With BJP winning close to 24!!!!!!

    I think these were alibies with some purpose.

  34. Jiggs says:

    NaMo must be made the Party President and the head of the BJP organization.


  35. counterview says:

    Namo seems over rated now that we see that he was unable to “deliver” Gujarat as other CMs. I find it strange that for the all the brouhaha about development and stuff, Gujarat did not vote overwhelmingly for BJP? So was development also not a issue this election in Gujarat.
    Seems Namo needs to do some introspection himself.
    Also read an article about about how Patel community is deserting Namo now. Whatever, as long as Hindus place caste over nation, BJP can never win.

  36. Kaushik says:

    Here is Swapan Seth’s article on Congress vs BJP communication in their campaigns; well written:

  37. Ramu says:


    As someone who is not a non-BJP supporter, I would say without some serious riots or issues which piss off people, BJP cant come into and hold on to power. Example — Mangalore, Gujarat.

    So why should Congress engineer these riots to impose 356? Isnt there enough motivation for BJP itself to create trouble so they can divide and then grab Hindu votes?

  38. Jiggs says:


    I have relatives in Gujarat and here is what they say is the 9 seats going to the Congress this time around:

    -Voting percentage of 51%
    -Due to heat of about 44 degree Celsius.
    -Voters dint venture out after 11:30 in the morning.

    I checked with BJP sources and they confirmed this. They say compare the voter turnouts for DECEMBER 2007 ELECTIONS and now. That is where our answer lies.

    Namo’s popularity is not going down at all. As a matter of fact you are falling for the PATEL lobby trap.

  39. Ramu says:

    >>NaMo must be made the Party President and the head of the BJP organization.

    Period? I would say more like a permanent PMS!

    Probably the best way to consolidate the votes even further in favour of Congress is this.

    To a lot of pro-Congress Hindus, moderates and minorities, Modi = Gujarat riots (and not development). So the best way to decimate BJP might be to promote Modi!

    Are you sure you are not a commie fifth columnist inside BJP?

  40. Jiggs says:


    Without some riots BJP cannot come to or hold on to power is baseless. BJS the predecessor of the BJP did have 30 to 40 seats in all LS. They combined with Rajaji’s Swatantrata Party did enjoy a fair amount of clout in the LS and states like Gujarat, where Swatantrata Party was the main opposition for many years.

    You have to be a Gujrati to understand the reasons behind the riots. What all is talked is a figment of your imagination.

    Mangalore, again why would BJP shoot itselves in the foot by creating such an incident after the Karnataka State Assembly elections which gave them a victory?

    I think you should speak to Mangalore and hunt for your answers over there.

    BJP does not need riots or any kind of such carnage for power.

    You are completely mistaken.

    Re. 356, use your commonsense and tell me why cant an incident like Mangalore not manufactured yet again in a BJP ruled state to the advantage of the Congress?

    In states like Karnataka and Gujarat, BJP does NOT NEED TO CONSOLIDATE ITS HINDU VOTE BANK, it is done now. 25 years of sustained efforts by the BJP in Karnataka is now reaping the benefits for the BJP.

    Your argument is not at all in sync with reality.

  41. Jiggs says:


    One thing the BJP must do pronto is clear all APOLOGISTS from within its ranks.

    Yet again I am telling you, you have to look at 2002 from the eyes of an Gujrati and not a Dilliwala.

    You will never understand the reasons behind it.

  42. Mandar Joshi says:

    Maharashtra – a hugely important state is going to have assembly elections in 6 months. Only if correct analysis and determined work can wrest this state from Congi clutches.

  43. Ajay says:


    Valid point, BJP comes spokesmen, including Jaitely, appear a little arrogant. Maybe unintentional, but yes this is one feedback even I wanted them to get.

    Be strong, but please don’t carry a air of superiority,

    And BJP should get women on board as spokesperson, specifically for Hindi and local language media,

  44. Yogesh says:

    Agree – we shd have a “Go Sushma” strategy. . .

  45. Jiggs says:


    From what I can feel, that Maharashtra polls are sealed in favor of the Congress.

    Yogesh please contribute.

    1. Congress cracking up fortress Vidarbha of the NDA this time in LS polls.
    2. The see saw battle in Mumbai Metro politan region, it will be very diffcult for the Saffron brothers to counter MNS,NCP,CONG.
    3. SHS will play the tyrant here in the coming months.

    I just cant figure out how will they go about these polls.

  46. mpanj says:

    Ok. So if (god forbid) there’s another terror strike – BJP should shut up and release a simple statement.

    “UPA has received a strong mandate and we support this mandate. We will support any action the govt. takes. Thank you.”

    Dont go on any of the Congi channels. No rhetoric, no interviews, no news conferences, no name calling and most importantly – no freakin advice.

    Let the Congress do its ‘job’. People gave them a mandate – leave them alone.

    But when they have commited their 100 sins – let the People’s Krishna rise and strike them down.

  47. mpanj says:

    How to reach BJP top brass?

    Here’s a suggestion. Every MP has his/her personal email account. e.g. (just an example – this is not an actual email address).

    Some use it, others dont. If Yossman, or all of us on this blog can Google a few select ones and find them – we could post them here so as to get our voices heard.

    We could flood their mail boxes with a simple subject line – ‘Select NaMo’.
    With a more detailed message in the body of the email.

    That way even if they dont respond or open these emails we know they have heard the message.

    It would a cool reverse-email campaign.


  48. G says:


    You and me might agree on Modi being made president and told to lead BJP but I can bet my last penny that the other leaders like Sushma, Rajnath will not let it happen. There is already lot of turmoil as regards to who will replace Advani now.The vermins will not let Modi take his place. The reality is we have not only lost 2009 but we have lost 2014 also for sure since it will be either Sushma or Rajnath leading the party and there is no way they will get even 150 seats also.I cant imagine even one BJP worker being enthused by Rajnath as the leader.

  49. Yogesh says:

    Now that Cong and NCP are firmly married again, I think we need some reconciliation b/w two warring Thackerays – tacitly.
    I don’t think congress will go it alone – the so called Rahul strategy of ekla chalo rey is not to be taken everywhere. . . they are not stupid.
    I think SS+BJP will be together again, but we need Sr. Thackeray to stop vote split urgently.
    If that doesn’t happen – we (SS+BJP) need to have a STRONG candidate for CM who embodies the values and ethos.

  50. sc says:

    I think we ( BJP supporters ) need to change our attitude.

    Instead of looking on any non-BJP supporter/ congressi / any dissenters from what we perceive to be best as ‘pseudo secular’ , ‘sycophant’ , ‘anti-national’ etc., we must point out logically each and every thing.

    Name calling will only alienate us further. We must try to convince our friends that Hindutva is positive and not ‘communal’ , BJP agenda actually does stand for development etc. It may take years to get them around to our points of view. But it is worth doing

    I feel this blog doesn’t really capture the mood of upper class India. Remember most of them are highly influenced by media and macaulyite education.

  51. mpanj says:


    we can try – lets not worry about the outcome. What do we have to loose.

    One correction. Lets put ‘Select Modi, Save India’ in the subject line.

    If we can turn this into a viral marketing campaign – get friends to send it to 10 friends and so on ….. BJP MPs wont know what hit them.

    If we cant get on the battle field – lets at least help with the supply lines, with communications, with psych Ops, etc.

    Every Woman/Man counts. Every pebble will create its own ripples.

  52. Jiggs says:


    This is exactly my point, our voice must be heard. We can attempt to make ourselves heard. There is no point in us shouting here and hoping for the best.

    We will have to continuously hound these people, unless they get their acts together.

    Pls. contact me :

  53. Jiggs says:


    The rapprochement idea amongst the warring Thackeray clan occurred to me long time ago. However, I dont think any side is willing to back down.

    SHS joining hands with NCP in Mah. elections are very bright. Today,TOI has a snippet which quotes Vilasrao ” We must go it alone in Maharashtra now”.

    I dont know what will happen, MNS will fall in BJP’s lap then, they will gain in Western Maharashtra, but SHS will hit them hard in Vidarbha.

    It is very confusing and worrying factor.

    A divorce after 25 years of marriage will be very messy.

  54. Jiggs says:


    Good idea, however just go on Public Chat forums and just type anything against Modi and see how you get it back.

    Modi is popular all over the country.

    What I am saying is to CONFRONT the BJP national leadership and compel them to accept our writ. They have been trying their stuff all this while, now for a change let them accept what we the BJP voter wants.

    For this we need to pay a visit to the HQ in Delhi.

    I think a sizable number of us will make a lasting effect.

    I am game, please ctc me :

  55. NR says:

    Yogesh why are you searching. The e-mail ids are in the website ,, &,

    other than that you can find all parliament e-mail ids here

  56. Ajay says:

    Looks is NDA is dissolving already. With JD-U gone, it’ll only be SS. I guess BJP has to decide if it wants to continue diluting itself for this alliance that is clearly not delivering,

  57. NR says:

    Yogesh why are you searching. The e-mail ids are in the website ,, &,

    other than that you can find all parliament e-mail ids here

  58. Yogesh says:

    Already Marathi Manoos is angry with MNS – since they fought w SS and in the end, sent 2 “Northerners” to parliament for 5 years. . .

    see the representative comments in Pawar’s newspaper (in Marathi). . .

  59. Sootradhaar says:

    Rajeev Srinivasan’s article on Rediff regarding possible EVM tampering:

    After the counting and other stories

    There is, of course, the possibility that the average voter did not in fact fall for the UPA’s charms, and that this election was subject to massive fraud. I am talking about Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs). Having spent many years in the high-tech world, I do not trust computers, especially embedded systems. Researchers in the US have shown how easy it is to break into EVMs, which is why they have not adopted them. They have realised how important it is to have a paper audit trail, hanging chads and all.

    It would not be extraordinarily difficult to install a programme with a Trojan Horse in it. To outward appearances and to ordinary testing, the programme would appear normal. However, when it is fed a sequence of keystrokes by the agent of the party committing the fraud, the Trojan Horse wakes up, and then, regardless of what buttons the voter actually presses, it can assign a certain (non-suspicious-looking) percentage (not 90% but, say 45%) to the preferred party. The Trojan Horse can even be programmed to quietly delete itself when the voting is over. Nobody would know any better, as there is no paper trail.

    Let me emphasise that I do not have any evidence that this happened in 2009, but it is worth investigating.

  60. Jiggs says:


    Please post the link if you can.

  61. NR says:

    The only way modi can improve his profile, his party profile, is to now step down, travel all over the country, do padayatra, meetscores of people, stay in their huts, eat the food served by them, energize cadres in these places, review organization in these places, bring in new cadre.

    Also BJP must now take villagers from zero zones(elders and youth sampled) on a trip to gujarat and other important bjp ruled states for them to compare the development done in BJP states, their schemes.

    These elders will then pass on the messages to the rest of villagers.

    It is important now state leaders take tour interact with people and improve party profile. next 5 years must be sacrifice and not 5 star.

    There is also a good suggestion by mpanj on what BJP should do when terrorist attacks take place- just a single statement saying they have mandate to tackle. Sometimes silence hits hard.

  62. Jiggs says:


    I agree with you, this will require a back to basics kind of effort. NaMo is capable of doing this. I am sure his thoughts will be matching yours.

    The point is to reach out to him and convey all this.

  63. Balaji says:

    What alliance with Shiv Sena or MNS? Will we ever learn anything at all? Isn’t one of the worst political defeats in the history of India not enough? Can’t we see how pissed off, the people are with indecent politicians? For heaven’s sake break our alliance with Sena now and do not even think of aligning with MNS.

    Please sign this petition too:

  64. Sootradhaar says:

    Jiggs bandhu…the link is embedded in the title of the article: After the counting and other stories! :)

  65. Sharat says:

    Great suggestion for NaMo.

  66. Ajay says:

    @ NR,

    Exactly my thoughts. NaMo has pan-India appeal. He should about go about the country and re-awaken nationalism in people

    That is, do what Shakaracharya did for Hinduism, and Vivekananda for Spirituality, NaMo do should for nationalism

    In addition to that he should take up directly responsibility for TN and AP and build BJP in those two states,

  67. rone says:

    what do you all think of advani being persuaded to stay as leader of opposition?.
    i personaly feel he should take a bow with diginity.
    let others continue the battle.
    or is this is a party game plan, to go for major changes only after some time?.
    Anybody here have any info?

  68. NR says:

    Jiggs and others,

    We have Namo e-mail address. We all can send e-mail to him and convey what we expect from him. We must request him to do this for the sake of nation.

  69. Sootradhaar says:

    Advani agrees to be Leader of Opposition: BJP
    Senior BJP leader L K Advani today acceded to the wishes of the party’s Parliamentary Board and agreed to become the Leader of the Opposition in the new Lok Sabha. BJP president Rajnath Singh said that Advani had agreed to continue as Leader of BJP’s Parliamentary Board”.

    “Therefore, it is understood that he will also be the Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha,” he said. After the party’s poll debacle, Advani had expressed his desire not to become the Leader of the Opposition.

  70. Jiggs says:

    @rone…..LKA has to go, I think the RSS wants him to continue maybe for a fortnight so that BJP leaders dont go on blabbering out in the media.

    @NR…Yes we have his email address, but I think more soever the BJP National Executive needs to know this.

    Also, I dont think sending emails would help, if we go and meet them we might be taken seriously.

  71. Jiggs says:


    I sincerely hope this is time bound.

  72. Sootradhaar says:

    Yes Jiggs…my thoughts exactly!

  73. aru says:

    Yoss, Instead of renouncing it is not better idea that Modi should promise that he will be PM only if BJP is voted to power on its own and start building the party in zero zones. This will serve short term and long term for BJP. Allies will not afraid of Modi and it will not alienate BJP core voters.

  74. NR says:

    Advani accepting leader of opposition is not good news. Looks like party does not want to move forward.

    They should not be afraid of internal squabbles and instead settle it through ballo box. this psotposning the issue like how prakash karat did in kerala which ultimately ended in decimating the left.

  75. rone says:

    Now this ‘not willing to be oppo leader” thing in the central board meeting looks like drama.
    I had this thing of a great leader gallantly accepting defeat, retiring in diginity.
    I also feel bad he has not given a public statemnet /a speech accepting defeat making things clear to the cadre and public.

  76. NR says:

    News about retrogrades calling for heads of IT campaign incharges is nonsense. these retrigrades want to destroy BJP

  77. Jiggs says:

    Guys…..All the more reason to actually pay a visit to Advani himselves in Delhi and speak our minds.

    We cannot sit and just talk, time calls for some hard action.

  78. rone says:

    IT campaign did go for a overkill.But that doesnot deserve punishment.
    it is the Television Ads that were horrible.especialy the one with lot of black color and martial art type group choreography etc actualy gave negative look.Kind of scary.totaly the TV campaign was a flop.

  79. aru says:

    why don’t we ask friends of BJP to be organised all over india to analyse the results?

  80. yossarin says:

    All – I am freezing this thread. Suggest everyone take a pause on post election hangover.

    BJP needs to be left to its own devices to resolve fundamental questions of leadership transition etc. Please do raise your questions voice your opinions directly on and on those fundamental questions.

    The debate on conversions and Hindu victimhood was totally unecessary on this thread. Those who worry about Hindu faith must do something in the social realm rather than inject those fears into the political realm. Fund schools, build communities etc.

    I will be taking a hard stance henceforth on such completely offtopic discussions.

  81. [...] must be elected through a transparent ballot if the BJP hopes to turn the corner from this humbling defeat. BJP has nothing to lose and must get bold to face bitter truths, transparent ballots are the best [...]

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