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Sonia Gandhi’s Telangana blunder

What politics giveth it taketh away

There is a sense of destiny with which the Law of Unintended Consequences operates.

There were just 7 months back staring at a triumphant Congress with a firm lock on Andhra looking at a stable and secure 5 year term.

And here we are 7 months later with a shaken up Congress with an uncertain lock on Andhra clueless on the political faultlines that will likey shape the rest of its term.

There was no way out for Sonia Gandhi on the long overdue demand for a separate state of Telangana. After having campaigned on the Telanagana plank in alliance with the TRS back in 2004 it was foolish of Sonia Gandhi to have put all her eggs in the immortality basket of YSR’s political persona.

Alas mortality is such a great political leveller for in the wake of its assertions it exposes many faultlines leading to even more political upheavals.

Sonia Gandhi had to do right by Telangana but to have done so in a knee jerk manner after being boxed into a political corner, reminds us once again of the Congress’ achilees heel.

No amount of media spin can help gloss over this monumental blunder.

Sonia Gandhi lack of natural political acumen, Manmohan Singh’s technocracy and Rahul Gandhi’s naivety have badly exposed the Congress.

That her political advisers blundered as well goes to once again highlight that political leadership cannot be an outsourced backroom function. A lesson for the BJP as well.

The many headlines say it all – Telangana in a limbo, Andhra in a mess and political chaos across the nation with latent demands for many states receiving a filip.

In the Telangana chaos lie many a political opportunity for the BJP, if only its moribund leadership could demonstrate vision. 

The political environment is ripe for a movement that advocates reorienting India’s fledgling federalism with a firm focus on administrative efficiency and governance.

The issue of smaller states and autonomy to local governance has the potential to rewrite many an existing political equations and marginalizing many an existing political power centers.

The BJP’s hopes of revival rest on breaking new ground and on stitching new social coalitions. There cannot be a better opportunity than this to take on the Congress over the next few years.

Is the BJP up to the challenge of offering a coherent vision and leading the movement on this issue of smaller states and freedom, autonomy to local government ?

Join us for a debate on the same at the next Offstumped Community Live Event on Sunday night – Telangana & Small States – What is the way forward ?

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12 Responses

  1. Anand Bala says:

    I have a slightly different take on the ‘blunder’. Second, like most other issues in the Congress, I doubt if Sonia had anything much to do with the strategy.
    That said, the debate on small states is very interesting to say the least and there is some interesting data.
    My blogspost on the the Telangana Conundrum is @


  2. prashant says:

    yoss dear

    plz dont insult PIG with comparing to…….?

  3. prashant says:

    Nehru gave KASHMIR
    Indira gave Bhindarwala,Assam
    Rajiv gave Ayodhya,shah bano
    Sonia gave Telengana

    just pray wat RAHUL WILL give????

  4. np says:

    I wonder why California, Texas, NewYork states are not divided into smaller states in the USA in more than hundred years of American History … if smaller states means better governance and more efficient operations … USA should learn from India on this topic :-) :-)
    Redrawing state lines in India is like rearranging the furniture on the Deck of Titanic. China has taken over Tibet and now they are claiming Arunachal Pradesh is part of China. Pakistan has taken over good chunk of Kashmir – most maps prepared in the world show Pakistan Controled Kashmir – as part of Pakistan. India has no balls to do anything about these bigger issues and is falling for all these evil forces determined to divide India into smaller and smaller states first – and later some of those states would like to become separate countries. This is what happens when an Italian and Sardarji run the country.

  5. praveen says:

    telangana will be congress’s waterloo,people in andhra region are asking the question who the hell is sonia to divide the state. remember andhra always had soft corner towards so called gandhi family
    Congress,TRS colluded on the issue for future political gains and many feel entire fasting is stage managed. comments by some congress men that it is a birthday gift didn’t go well with people in andhra region.

  6. Venkatesh says:

    I would like to believe that telangana was a blunder by Sonia. Howver looks like a smart move. Make KCR a hero, make sure he gets back into the congress and then also in the process cut Junior Reddy to size and make sure no regional leader can challenge the gandhis in the future. It is not as stupid a move as everyone believes. In any case the EVMs vote the way the congress wants!!!

  7. offstumped says:

    Venkatesh – that’s too clever by half logic

  8. Venkatesh says:

    lets see. the jury is still out. i might have the joker of the pack

  9. [...] issue of smaller states and autonomy to local governance has the potential to rewrite many an existing political equations and marginalizing many an [...]

  10. [...] issue of smaller states and autonomy to local governance has the potential to rewrite many an existing political equations and marginalizing many an [...]

  11. anandrao says:

    Separate Telengana state should have been formed very long back in the year 1956 itself. Ever since the merger took place with Andhra fellows, all sort of problems emanated. It is very high time to kick these fellows out and bifurcate Telengana from the clutches of bloody Seemandhras, as already, so many local people have lost their lives in protest to separate it and also last one full academic year 1969. All these 60 years, these Andhra leaders and people from that region eat enough and became rich in Telengana. Really, I appreciate Mrs.Soniaji for taking such bold step and I would also like to request you to kindly ask these seemandhra leaders and their people to get last from Telengana. As they boast too much of theselves, can’t they select & make one alternative capital in coastal area even after 60 yrs of independence, It clearly shows that these people are habituated in land grabbings & looting in and around Hyderabad. How long these people wants to live in other states like parasites. Already, Tamilnadu has kicked them out once. It’s better to construct of your own capital in coastal area and live honourably, if at all, you people have any self respect.

  12. Indian says:

    @Anand Rao—- OHh U have made hyderabad brick by brick,, First learn history ,Tamil nadu Di kick out Andhra people,, Dont you know about Potti sreemalu and his agitation,,,Morethan self respect First try to respect others ,,,You are as though all telangana leaders are very gud like mahathma gansdhi’s and they did grab land,,,First you try to work hard instead of blaming the hard workers for their riches

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