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Note from Wharton India Economic Forum

The organizing team of the 17th Wharton India Economic Forum 2013 to be held in Philadelphia on 22nd-23rd March 2013, would like to provide an update on status of the Keynote speech by Mr. Narendra Modi, Honorable Chief Minister of the State of Gujarat.
Mr. Modi was slated to deliver the keynote address at the prestigious Wharton India Economic Forum 2013 via live videoconference.
As it stands currently, Mr. Modi’s keynote address at Wharton India Economic Forum has been cancelled.
With all the chosen speakers across multiple keynotes and panels, our goal as a team is to provide a neutral platform to encourage cross pollination of ideas as we all work towards contributing to India’s success. Through this ideology, we hope to present multiple opinions and ideas to our audiences and supporters across the world and constructively contribute to the intellectual milieu for which University of Pennsylvania and The Wharton School stand. We do not endorse any political views and do not support any specific ideology. Our goal as a team is only to stimulate valuable dialogue on India’s growth story, and to act as a forum where students and audiences interact with influential leaders from across India. The student organizing body was extremely impressed with Mr. Modi’s credentials, governance ideologies, and leadership, which was the primary reason for his invitation.
However, as a responsible student body within the University of Pennsylvania, we must consider the impact on multiple stakeholders in our ecosystem. Our team felt that the potential polarizing reactions from sub-segments of the alumni base, student body, and our supporters, might put Mr. Modi in a compromising position, which we would like to avoid at all costs, especially in the spirit of our conference’s purpose. Even, as we stand by our decision to invite him, we believe that this course of action would be the most appropriate in light of the reactions of the multiple stakeholders involved. Therefore, we as a team, would like to apologize for being a catalyst may have put Mr. Modi and the Wharton School administration in an difficult position.
We have received tremendous support for the conference and would like to thank everyone for their constant support and encouragement. We hope to have Mr. Modi speak at a more appropriate forum where he can interact with students without the distraction of this kind of attention.
The Wharton India Economic Forum, an annual student run India-centric conference started in 1996, aims to bring together business and political leaders, professionals, academics, and students from across the world to discuss India’s evolution into a global economic power, the key social, political, and financial challenges which still stand in its way, and possible solutions. Over the last 16 years, this conference has emerged as one of the largest and most prestigious India-centric conferences in the world.
We are in the last stages of finalizing an additional keynote address to complete our lineup. This keynote will be delivered by a very prominent Indian leader and will be announced very soon on our website.
Thank you.
The Organizing Team, 17th Wharton India Economic Forum 2013 Email:

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41 Responses

  1. Amit says:

    I’d have thought that police can manage any demonstration organized by political opponents. Looks like they don’t have confidence in campus police.

  2. Guru says:

    Wharton will definitely regret this at a later stage. It missed on an opportunity to host a man who would be rewriting the history of a nation…Down with Wharton.

  3. Abhi says:

    It seem US not a Democratic Country & Here People Don’t have Freedom to Speak!

  4. Wharton deserves only the likes of Shabana Ajmi and Javed Akhtar to enlighten them about Indian Economy !

  5. Ullas says:

    Milind Deora Yes!!!!! Javed Akhtar Yes!!!!!! Shabana Azmi Yes!!!!!! Narendra Modi No???????? Montek Singh Ahluwalia Ok…..Congress ka Jaadu Chalgaya!!!!!

  6. Chris says:

    I hope you guys rot in the Leftist Hell that your sicko left lib students and faculty lead you to. And I think I will see the Last Days of America in my lifetime.

  7. There is a freedom of speech & then there is a “freedom of speech” which comes with a price. I am glad people have not forgotten what he did in the name of development.

  8. dev says:

    US can bully anybody because of size of their economy.they can mess up in iraq,afganistan and all around.every dog has its day.we know you only respect strength .you can insult india,its judiciary, its democracy but how long??its not gonna last ever.

  9. Ashish Anant says:

    Thanks to Wharton sissys, NaMo would have already made up a blueprint of an institution bigger and better than Wharton, that too in India.

  10. sam says:

    losers…………….just because of Modi you are trending on twitter in India, that shows his power. Its not that he will lose votes or reputation just because you guys are being bent down by a corrupt govt of india and i am not talking about Students, its your spineless management. Pls go ahead and listen to Mr. Montek singh Ahaluvalia who said that ‘An indian who earns $ 0.60 a day is not poor.’ ……..economic forum my foot !!!!…rot in hell you leftist

  11. Emma says:

    there goes the Great American Dream in the dustbin……… are we turning into bloody Leftists ?

  12. G. Shah says:

    Pure Win!

    Great decision by Wharton, don’t need mass murderers to give lessons on development.

  13. Santhosh says:

    great loss for wharton !!

  14. Viswam says:

    There is no such thing as ‘insult’ to karmayogis Modi is one Yet another tribute to Modi’s character — keep doing your karma, let the dogs keep barking Mass murderer ? One is a brainwashed dupe who believes that Wharton School ? To think of a great American educational institution becoming a pawn in the hands of some Indian scamsters ! Poor old great America, what is happening to you ?

  15. Sigh Baboo says:

    Cowards and disgraceful. No honour.

    See the construction of this sentence:
    “We hope to have Mr. Modi speak at a more appropriate forum where he can interact with students without the distraction of this kind of attention.”

    You unvited an individual and then say that “he can” interact with students at a later time. It should have been written the other way round. We shall invite him later, so that our students can learn from him.

    This is what deracination means.

  16. anon says:

    Wharton and these Ivy league schools are just appeasing their masters-the oil rich sheikhs. Oh, btw, Wharton, how about stopping ALL muslim leaders and ALL muslim students from your campus, considering they commit untold crimes against women and against black Africans.

    Your forebears would have once led the charge against radical islam, while you cower in fear of hearing an alternative view beyond what you hear from the muslims/leftits. Shame on you. You will be slaves working for these sheikhs, not competing against them!

  17. [...] blog post with these remarks to Faculty Members from Wharton and other Universities who lobbied to disinvite Narendra Modi from their fellow faculty member Professor Alan Charles [...]

  18. Argentlam says:

    Its really sad that a prestigious Ivy League College trembles when few people protest against the right of a democratically elected leader to express his views in an open forum. I really pity your understanding when you say ” provide a neutral platform to encourage cross pollination of ideas ” but most of your panelists are from Congress Party, thus having similar views, then how will you achieve this cross pollination :)

    As Voltaire said “I may disapprove of what you say but I will defend till death your right to say it.”

    I would have hoped that your organizational team would have raised this argument when your management was asking you to withdraw Mr Modi’s invitation. But alas!

    Its also true that People of India will decide who will be their Prime Minister in 2014 and not a group of secular intelligentsia.

  19. Vishwas Modi says:

    Wharton is full of losers and As* li**ers. Go to hell. NaMo for 2014. Hail Narendra modi

  20. veramaz says:

    I was a keenly interested in applying to Wharton. However, I have changed my mind after this incident. I agree that I don’t know what forces were at play which led to the canceling of Narendra Modi’s keynote. However, I believe that educational institutions should be the beacons of change. ‘Cowardice’ and ‘Political Correctness’ are not attributes that seem good on educational institutions.

    PS: Thank God for this incident, you get to see the true face and stance of the institutions (+ the people who teach in them)

  21. jai says:

    In the 1984 riots against sikhs, till date, not even one person has been convicted.

    On the other hand for the Gujarat riots more than 100 people have gone to jail.

    So what are these media people hyping about ?

    Is congress government any tolerant and just ? But wharton is taking sponsorship from incredible India – i.e the indian govt which is currently being run by congress.

  22. [...] or supportive of its brand of twisted secularism. But it doesn’t end there. Here’s what the note sent out by the IEF Organizing team [...]

  23. Rajib says:

    Pathetic loosers ..!!! U are gonna Regret this..!! Down with wharton and those f*****g Muslim Bigots

  24. [...] or supportive of its brand of twisted secularism. But it doesn’t end there. Here’s what the note sent out by the IEF Organizing team [...]

  25. Zack says:

    Wharton, like America, is dying. Very soon, China and India, will stump the US, economically. Wharton will be another school in a rural village in Bihar.
    Narendra Modi will be PM of India, whether Wharton likes it, or not.
    I am also guessing, that the Congress government paid Wharton a few million dollars to prevent Narendra Modi from attending the lecture. And, maybe, even a few guys from Lashker-e-Toiba, or some other muslim terrorist organisation. Or Pakistan.
    Mr. Modi, trust us, it was’t worth it. You’re better off, not doing any video conference.

  26. Santosh Sali says:

    I wonder , whether Wharton leaders will be able to stick to their words/decisions in difficult times , sounds like a big lesson for you .

  27. Alex says:

    Shame on Wharton’s education if this is what the organizers have learnt there…

  28. CineValley says:

    those morons still carry Adani group’s name in the page title!!

  29. Proud of Wharton says:

    I am so proud of Wharton…!!! Kudos… India is a land of democratic government and not a land of genocide leaders. UPenn is standing for its motto “Leges sine moribus vanae”. Law of land in Gujarat was not upheld due to lack of morals…!!

  30. Really when someone doesn’t be aware of after that its up to other users that they will help, so here it happens.

  31. John miller says:

    shame.shame…Wharton!!! Looser…

  32. Raj says:

    Shame on you WIEF !! This is most ridiculous decision to cancel Modi’s keynote speech. It is your discretion whom to invite but after inviting, cancel under pressure of some communist ideology professors!!! You gave bad name to Wharton. I am going to protest at Venue on March 23. Shame on you!!

  33. Duaskilia says:

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