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Paid News scandal – related tweets

Yesterday P. Sainath writing in The Hindu alerted us to the fact that the much touted Press Council Report on “Paid News” was being archived without being made public. In response to his appeal, the Outlook Magazine made public the full text of the Press Council Report. After having perused the report can understand why the PCI may have wanted to archive it into cold storage. This report is an embarrassment to its authors and its sponsors. 

The reasons are below:

  • Not a single whistleblower in any of the media houses to expose Paid News, tells us of the degree to which Media in India is compromised
  • That the Press Council failed to find even shred of hard evidence while in the same breath claiming its widespread stands testimony to this
  • The bottomline on Paid News scandal is that for all the whistleblowing media does there are no whistleblowers inside Media house
  • The Conclusion section of the report stands out for its lameness
  • With all due respect to Paranjoy Guha Thakurta and Press Council of India, a couple of part time Interns could have produced this report
  • Frankly all the report seems to have done is complied information already in the Public Domain and reproduced articles and speeches
  • Having speed read the 71 pages of much touted Paid News report must say it has been over hyped
  • Circumstantial evidence that News items on Ashok Chavan were paid news – PCI opinion, Paid news scandal
  • Times of India and CNN-IBN singled out for plugging in for Products – Paid News scandal
  • Paid News Investigation Report praises “Mint” for code ethics
  • Kudos to Outlook Magazine @SundeepDougal
  • RT @SundeepDougal The ‘Paid News’ Report :Full text of controversial report by Press Council of India’s subcommittee
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