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Battle against NGOisation of Governance

It was good to see Narendra Modi emerge as the most credible voice to challenge the Nehru-Gandhi monopoly on public debate. The theatrics of putting Sonia Gandhi on the spot for the Bhopal bungling apart, the upcoming political battle will be in large measure between the Left Liberalization and NGO-ization of Governance by the Congress and the Narendra Modi philosophy of Good Governance.

Niranjan Rajadhyaskha has an interesting piece in the Mint on how NREGA may be driving liquor sales up in Rural Andhra. The most compelling remarks in the piece are

Unfortunately, the current fashion is to judge public policy choices based on good intentions rather than desirable outcomes.

Have welfare programmes led to a rise in inflation? Are men using their extra cash to buy liquor rather than send children to school? Should welfare programmes be targeted at women rather than men? Will reserved seats for women really change public policy choices? Has the rural jobs scheme raised rural wages without raising rural productivity?

Questions such as these are seen as mere irritants in an alliance that is run by a Congress party that believes in grand gestures—public policy as a morality play. The new National Advisory Council, too, is packed with do-gooders in a hurry, unhindered by constitutional or budgetary constraints

The record auction for the right to sell liquor in the rural areas of Andhra Pradesh could be a good reason to start some debate on what the new welfare programmes are actually doing to development possibilities on the ground.

A key element of that battle will be to force into public debate the questions that Mr. Rajadyaksha has raised on the Congress’ flawed approach to welfare.

There is a steep challenge however for Mr. Modi to force such an economic debate. That challenge comes from within the family as is evident from this piece by David Frawely.

There is nothing “Hindu” about the economics David Frawely attemps to pass off with a saffron hue.  Frawley makes no mention the rich Indian tradition of Arthashastra or the more recent philosophical views of C.R. Rajagopalachari. In not doing so he exposes himself to having little or no understanding of what could rightly have been called “Hindu Economics, statecraft or realism” (For a good summary of that tradition from Arthashastra to Sukraniti read Mckenzie Brown’s White Umbrella – Indian Political Thought from Manu to Gandhi). 

 In fact Frawley’s piece betrays the worst kept secret that, minus the lip service to Hindutva, many of the saffron persuasion have much in common with the West’s Left Liberals when it comes to economic issues.

As Mr. Modi prepares to challenge the UPA’s Left Liberalization and NGO-ization of Governance, his bigger challenge will be to clear the confusion on economic issues within the family as is manifest in Frawley’s piece.  Political success of P2G2 will in large measure depend on driving that much needed coherence.

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